Sunday, 16 September 2018

Darknet: Marianas web and the other levels

Marianas web is the deepest, darkest part of the internet. it cannot be accessed using a regular browser or regular methods.

The Dark Net is made for anonymity; the sharing of information without fear of detection or prosecution. Due to its nature this attract many people, both bad and good. some to speak freely of political jurisdiction and others to engage in all manners of illegal activity.

Like the ‘normal’ web, Marianas web has a range of topics, but mainly illegal.

The web is made up of the ‘Surface Web’ and the ‘Invisible Web‘, think of the internet like an Iceberg; only some of it can be seen.

The ‘Surface Web’ is the content we can all see, its index by search engines or its link to by other web pages.

The ‘Invisible Web’ is just that, invisible, its not In Google, no sites link to it, so its invisible. The Invisible web is then split into the ‘Deep Net’ ‘Dark Net’ or w/e you want to call it, this is web pages that cannot be accessed with a normal browser, there are measured to keep you out.

And that's exactly what Marianas Web is, its the Deepest part of the Web, where people don't want you to go.

The Dark Web's  is all about  bullshit. That's despite the fact that the Dark Web is host to a lot of communities that aren't doing anything nefarious (unless you think furriers are evil; there's a huge Dark Web furry social network that simply wants privacy).

But the organ harvesting dramatics are nothing until we get to the "deepest part of the web, where people don't want you to go," the so-called "Mariana's Web."The legend of Mariana's Web appears to get its name from the deepest part of the ocean, Mariana's Trench. It's supposedly the deepest part of the web, a forbidden place of mysterious evil - or at least, that's the mythos a subset of online believers has cultivated.

Depending on where you get your Mariana's Web myths, it's where you'll find "the darkest secrets humanity has in its history," the secret location of Atlantis and "the Vatican secret archives," or a database of archives belonging to the most powerful intelligence agencies on Earth. Many believe that Mariana's is home to an all-powerful, female artificial intelligence entity.

Mariana's Web is certainly the definition of spooky BS, especially because it's technically impossible; it's supposedly only accessible through quantum computers -- which currently only exist in science fiction.

Chances are, like me, the first time you heard about the Dark Web it was described as a foul and depraved marketplace, where children, drugs, and pirated movies could be bought for mere Bitcoin. Tabloids paint it as a place where a veritable "Top 10" of our biggest fears resides. Opportunistic security companies sell threat intelligence services that allude to hunting for bad guys in dark dens that deal in organ harvesting, involuntary human experiments, and more.